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Best Air Filtering Plants For Your Home

If you have a bit of space you can add one of these air filtering plants to your indoor living space.

Did you know Plants help clean the air you breathe? They Do!

Some plants do this better than others. So we created a list of some of the best air filtering plants.

Unfortunately, Our Homes are full of toxins. Some of those toxins are serious and can make us sick. These plants will remove some carcinogenic toxins from your indoor space. Can you benefit from an air filtering plant in your home or office?

How do we get toxins in our homes? Our furnishings and the Building materials used in constructing our homes add unhealthy fumes to the air we breathe by off gassing. Sick building Syndrome is a real thing.

Other toxic fumes come from smoking indoors or living near heavy traffic areas with car fumes…

heart leaf philodendron air filtering plant
The Heartleaf Philodendron is proven to filter toxins from air.

Certain air filtering indoor Plants help mitigate some of these toxins in the air. Let’s invite them into our homes!

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Nasa Studies on Air Filtering Plants:

Plants can’t remove all toxins from your household air. But they will improve it. Let’s take a look at the study that started it all.

The now famous NASA guide on Air Filtering plants is quite encouraging. Why were they looking into this? They were studying the benefits of plants for air quality in the space stations.

In Wolvertons 1989 study the Major Pollutants studied were primarily Benzene, Formaldehyde and Trichloroethylene. These three toxins are carcinogens. We really don’t want to breathe them.

The NASA study quantified how the plants they studied actually removed specific toxins from the air in laboratory setting.

The implications are ALL houseplants help us breathe better in our own homes.

According to this

All Houseplants do filter the air and make oxygen as they respire. Plants help us breathe better in our homes by these natural processes.

  • Plant photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide and returns oxygen to the air.
  • Plants remove toxicants from air, soil, and water.
  • House Plants metabolize some toxic chemicals, releasing only harmless by-products into the atmosphere.
  • Plants incorporate toxicants such as heavy metals into plant tissues so we don’t breathe them in the air.

Best Homes For Air Filtering Plants:

While all plants will benefit your air quality to some degree, the amount they will help you differs with your circumstances.

Close quarters with small rooms and little ventilation are often the environments plants benefit most. Think small mobile homes, closed bedrooms, bathrooms or offices. Tiny homes, RVs or small apartments are also good places for air filtering plants.

Studies show, in addition to improving our air quality, indoor plants make us feel good, reduce stress, stimulate our mental processes, help us heal and provide a way to interact emotionally with a living, vibrant housemate, office or schoolmate.

The Contented Plant

Best Air Filtering Plants:

The Best Air Filtering plants are those that take out the most toxins from air. According to the Wolverine study that Includes:

  • The Boston Fern
  • Dracaena
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Areca
  • Ficus
  • Scindapsus
  • Rubber Plant
  • Aloa Vera

Below is a list of even more Excellent Air Filtering Plants we wrote care guides for. So many wonderful plants to invite into your home.

Air Filtering Plants For Your Home

These Plants all help improve your indoor air quality. . This list highlights the some of the air quality improving plants we have written about.

Look at the post above for even more ideas on plants that improve your air quality.


ALL Philodendrons are known to remove Formaldehyde from the air. Here are some of our favorites:


All Calatheas are great at Filtering toxins from your air. They are also ALL non toxic to your kids and pets. Pretty awesome plants!


Maranta are beautiful, exotic plants with wide appeal. They are also an air purifying plant and Non Toxic to pets and people. What great plants!

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a roundup of the best air filtering plants for your home-pin image
If you have a bit of space you can add one of these air filtering plants to your indoor living space. Did you know Plants help clean the air you breathe? They Do! Some plants do this better than others. So we created a list of some of the best air filtering plants.

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