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How to Care for a Peace Lily

Peace lilies are a beautiful easy care plant with lush lance shaped leaves and show stopping flowers. Spathiphyllums are an excellent indoor plant for almost anyone. Learn how to care for a Peace lily Indoors and outdoors in this post.

Are Peace Lilies Good For Beginners?

Peace Lilies are one of the best plants for beginner plant parents. Peace lilies will tolerate beginner mistakes in watering, lighting, soil conditions and other plant care mishaps better than most plants.

Spathiphyllums clearly signal signs of distress which is helpful to a beginner plant owner. Once the plant care problem is corrected they usually bounce back easily.

Peace Lily
Flowering Peace Lily

What is a Peace Lily Good For? Why should we grow one?

  1. Peace lilies are easy to care for.
  2. Spathiphyllums come in many beautiful varieties including several stunning variegated forms. There is one out there you are sure to love.
  3. These plants are air purifiers. They filter out toxins in our homes like formaldehyde. They use up carbon monoxide and produce oxygen for your home.
  4. In warm climates you can grow a Peace Lily outdoors as a container plant or even year round.
  5. Peace lilies produce lovely blooms on Spathes that stand above the foliage.
  6. Spathiphyllums grow in many different light levels. You can put them almost anywhere in the home out of strong direct light.
  7. Peace lilies are a good choice for a bedroom plant. These pretty plants spruce up your bedroom decor. They Also filter the air, provide humidity and grow in lower light conditions.
  8. Peace lilies are tough. They can withstand less than ideal conditions and still grow pretty well.
peace lily sensation-flowering
Peace lily is a striking Evergreen flowering plant. It grows well outdoors in tropical climates.

Growing Peace Lilies Outdoors as an Ornamental Bush:

There are many identified varieties of Spathiphyllums. Peace lilies thrive outdoors in dappled sunlight and humid warmth year round in climate zones 9 to 11. 

You can grow these gorgeous shrubs as a patio plant in the warm summer months. They require proper shading from hot direct sunlight. Peace Lilies grow well outdoors when the temperatures are above 60 Degrees F and withstand temps down to 50.

But Keep in mind Peace lilies are tender. If you have temperatures under 50 degrees F. you need to bring them indoors.

Outdoor care for peace lilies is simple. Keep it watered, out of harsh direct sunlight, and give it monthly fertilizing to keep the growth lush and blooms coming during the growing season.

Peace lilies produce stunning white flowers (or spaths) that rise up out of the large leaves. Blooming begins in the early summer. Some spathiphyllums blooms throughout the year in the right conditions. 

variegated peace lily
Spathiphyllum Domino Variegated Peace Lily

There are several varieties of peace lily plants. Spathiphyllums come in various sizes and variegations. The care is the same for all the Spathiphyllum species.

Peace lilies are commonly available in plant shops and local nurseries. If you want to see a wider variety of peace lilies and support small growers shop on Esty from well reviewed shops.

Purchase Peace Lily Plant from Etsy

How To Care For A Peace Lily Indoors:

Peace lilies are great housemates. These plants are undemanding and resilient. They will withstand less than ideal conditions and signal you when there is a problem with drooping leaves, yellowing leaves and brown leaf tips.

Watch Kayti discuss Peace Lily Care

Peace lily plant care is easy. These lovely plants are robust. With proper conditions your peace lily will be happy, healthy and blooming.

With just a little bit of attention Peace lilies will give you many years of vibrant evergreen foliage and lovely white blooms in your home.

Quick Care Guide For Spathiphyllum Varieties:

Familiar NamesPeace lily,
Scientific Namespathiphyllums
Plant FamilyAraceae
Care DifficultyEasy
Temperature65 to 85 Degrees F.
WateringWater when soil is dry down 2 inches into the pot. Soak thoroughly.
SoilPeace lilies require well draining soil. 60% potting mix to 40% perlite recommended
Lightingspathiphyllums need Low to moderate indirect light. Dappled Sunlight ok.
GrowthPeace lilies grow as a flowering bush. They reach 1 to 6 feet depending on conditions.

How Do You Get A Peace Lily To Flower?

Encourage a peace lily to flower with adequate light, good soil and proper feeding. Peace lilies normally put up flowers in the Spring and into Fall with good care. Blooms last for about two months. When they fade, prune them off at the bottom.

New flowers will erupt from the spathes throughout the growing season if the plant is healthy and well cared for. Stressed peace lilies will not often flower.

Once we learn how to care for a peace lily indoors, Spathiphyllums will bloom reliably and produce lush show stopping foliage through the growing season.

How Often to Water peace Lily:

Peace lilies are aroids. They are used to intermittent rain in nature which keeps their soil LIGHTLY moist. Not saturated. They hydrate through the leaves as well as the roots.

Peace lilies should be watered when the soil is dry down to the root zone. Check your plant once a week or so to be sure it really needs water before you tip the watering pot.

Why Is My Peace Lily Drooping?

Peace Lilies droop when they want watering. If your peace lily is healthy with dropping leaves check to see if the soil is dry down 2 inches. If so, Give it a thorough soaking. Alternately, a plant with root rot will also have drooping, yellowing leaves.

peace lily growth pattern

Peace lilies Yellowing Leaves:

Most often peace lilies get yellow leaves form over watering.

A Constantly Over watered Peace Lily will have yellowing leaves. This is a sign of unhappy roots and is very dangerous to the plant. If overwatering continues the roots will rot, leaves will droop, and eventually the plant will die.

Reasons Peace Lily Has Yellowing leaves:

  1. Overwatering will rot roots and cause leaves to yellow and die.
  2. Too little light-leaves cannot photosynthesize and are dying-move to brighter light.
  3. Too much direct light-leaves are bleaching-remove to lower light.
  4. Some yellowing leaves in the older growth is normal. Trim them off at the soil line.
  5. Poor soil-time to repot in fresh soil.
  6. Pest Infestation-the 7 most common indoor plant pests cause leave damage and need treatment.

Read 7 Reasons Your Plant Has Yellowing Leaves In this post:

A healthy peace lily has upright growing foliage. They often flower and shrug off small plant care problems. But they CANNOT withstand constant over watering.

If your plant soil is constantly we and the plant is showing yellowing drooping leaves, unpot the plant and take a look at the roots. If they are black, brown smelly and mushy, this is root rot. Even a Peace lily cannot withstand root rot. This plant needs help.

Learn How to Fix Root Rot in this post.

Why Does My Peace Lily Have Brown Tips?

peace lily

Brown Leaf Tips are a sign of low humidity. Peace lilies are tropical plants and enjoy humidity levels of 40% to 60%. If your home is dry, add humidity by grouping plants together, adding a pebble tray or humidifier nearby.

Peace lilies hydrate through the leaves as well as their roots. Misting the leaves and occasionally washing the leaves will provide moisture the plant can use. Washing also cleans the stomata (plant pores) and allows better respiration through the leaves.

Kayti shows you how to Rehab a neglected peace Lily

Your Printable Plant Care Guide:

Yield: Printable Care Guide

Peace lily Care Guide

peace lily-flowering

Spathiphyllums in general have only a few basic requirements to remain a happy durable plant.

This lovely flowering plant is a perfect beginner houseplant.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty easy


Best Soil for Peace lilies:

  1. Peace lilies are aroids and require a light soil.
  2. A mix of potting soil and perlite will keep the roots happiest.
  3. Our mix for this pothos is 60 % potting mix to 40% perlite.
  4. A heavy soil potting mix is not recommended for aroids.

Pot Size and repotting:

  1. Peace lilies can be grown in relatively small pots since they are fairly slow growers and enjoy being somewhat root bound.
  2. Any well draining pot can be used. It MUST have drainage.
  3. Repot every second year or when roots come out the drainage holes on the pot bottom To the next pot size up.
  4. Propagation is best during repotting. See propagation section below.

What is the Best Lighting for peace Lily?

  1. Peace lilies enjoy indirect or dappled light. They will tolerate lower indirect light. but they will grow more slowly and may not re-flower.
  2. Variegated peace lilies need bright indirect light to show variegation.
  3. Flowering requires moderate light.
  4. Peace lilies cannot stand strong hot direct light. The leaves will burn and the plant will suffer.

How to Water a Peace lily:

  1. Use filtered water or let your tap water sit at least 24 hours to neutralize harmful chemicals before watering your plants.
  2. Water your Spathiphyllums when the soil is dry down an inch or so. Aroids do not like to be overly wet.
  1. Watering is best done on a regular schedule (try weekly) so the plant is not over or under watered. Both can cause stress on the plant.
  2. This tropical plant enjoys humidity. In dry climates peace lilies will thrive with a humidifier nearby. Or put it in your kitchen or bathroom if you have adequate light and floor space.
  3. In a dry climate frequent misting will help.
  4. In dormant winter months reduce watering as the plant will not need as much.
  5. Never let this plant get wet feet. If the soil is compacted the bottom of the soil can remain wet. This encourages root rot.
  6. If you see yellow leaves or fungus gnats on your peace lily you are probably overwatering or the soil is too heavy.
  7. If the tips of the leaves turn brown suspect Under watering. Or too dry air.

How to Fertilize peace lily:

  1. Apply a good quality fertilizer (linked in materials) monthly through Spring and summer.
  2. Decrease feedings by late Fall and allow peace lilies to rest through the winter months.
  3. Look for brown spots on the leaves of your plants. This may indicate an over concentration of salts in the roots from over feeding. It can burn the leaves.

What Temperature Does Peace Lily need?

  1. Keep peace lilies at a low of 65 Degrees F. to upward of 85 Degrees F. It enjoys warmth and humidity.

Encouraging Peace Lily Flowers

  1. Peace lilies that are happy bloom twice a year.
  2. Attempt to mimic their natural conditions as described in this care guide for best flowering conditions.
  3. Reluctant healthy Peace lilies may be encouraged to grow flowers if they get increased lighting or warmth.

Pests the bother peace Lilies:

  1. Peace lilies are not overly delicate. However all plants can get attacked by pests.
  2. Stress by longterm overwatering, poor light, extreme temperatures and soil conditions are contributors to plant stress. And makes them more susceptible to pest damage.
  3. Spider mites, mealy bugs, scale, thrips and whitefly are the most common houseplant pests you will see.
  4. Read our post on How to get rid of aphids and other pests with our homemade pesticide soap recipe or neems oil.
  5. To minimize the possibility of pests be sure to check all nursery plants before bringing them home.
  6. Quarantine all new plants until you are sure no pests live in them.

Peace Lily Propagation:

  1. Propagation is easily done through root division.
  2. If your peace lily is ready to repot look down into the soil base and see small spaces between clumps of stems.
  3. Peace lilies grow by rhizomes. Cut between the clumps through the rhizomes.
  4. Plant each clump gently and firmly into a separate pot with proper soil mix.
  5. Make sure to keep the soil moist until the roots begin to set into the soil.


Peace lilies are easy care. With the proper conditions and just a little bit of attention these plants will give you many years of vibrant flowering greenery in your home.

Signs that your peace lily is not happy:

Your peace lily drooping-inconsistent watering either over watering or under watering can cause this.

If your Peace lily has yellowing leaves suspect over watering. If leaves show signs of pest damage, treat the plant.

If a peace lily has brown tips on its leaves the air is too dry. misting and a humidifier are needed.

Leaves burned and/or peace lily wilting-probably in a too hot direct light. Remove to moderate indirect light.

Spathiphyllum Toxicity:

All of the Spathiphyllum varieties are toxic to pets and mildly toxic to humans. Grow peace lily away from children and pets

To Humans:

  • Spathiphyllum (and all plants in Araceae family) contain Calcium oxalate crystals which can be mildly toxic to humans.
  • Possible side effects from the consumption of Spathiphyllum species are:
  •  atopic dermatitis (eczema).
  • Burning and/or swelling of the region inside of and surrounding the mouth.
  • Excessive contact with the plant can also lead to general skin irritation or contact dermatitis.

Are Peace Lilies toxic to cats and dogs?

  • The Peace lily plant is toxic to cats and dogs. According to Pet Poison Control Hotline
  • Chewing or biting into all parts of the plant will release Calcium oxalate crystals. This causes tissue irritation to the mouth and GI tract. It will not cause kidney failure.
  • Symptoms may include oral irritation, vomiting, and difficulty in swallowing.

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