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Calathea Ornata Care guide and Plant Profile

Calathea ornatas grow uprightly as small bushes. At full height Ornata species grow to about two feet tall and wide. The Ornata pinstripes offer sophistication and a stylish focal point to your home or office place. The dark green leaves of the Pinstripe ornata have stripings that honestly look styled by an artisan painter. The …

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Maranta Leuconeura (Prayer Plant)-Care Guide

Maranta Leuconeura is also known as the prayer plant. These plants are Famous for folding leaves in the dark like praying hands. It’s a charming plant and not so horribly difficult to grow like some of its touchy relatives. If you give the maranta prayer plant what it needs it will grow happily. Folding and …

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Pearls and Jade Pothos Care and Profile

The Pearls and Jade Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a stylishly exotic variegated vine. The foliage is bright and interesting. It’s a beautiful, easy care plant. The green leaves are streaked with bright white in irregular patterns. With blocks and blotches of white streaking across the top and bottom of its slightly wrinkled leaves. It’s an …

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Anthurium Plant Care Guide

Exotic, elegant Anthuriums catch the eye. Flashy and colorful with heart shaped leaves. These are show stealers. They make beautiful potted houseplants, patio plants and lovely ornamentals in your tropical garden. Anthuriums are commonly known as painters palette, flamingo flower and Laceleaf. There are over 1000 varieties that are Native to Mexico, Argentina, Columbia Ecuador …

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Wandering Jew Plant (Tradescantia Zebrina) Care

The Wandering Jew plant is a fast growing vining houseplant with deep purple and green leaves with beautiful striping down the center of the leaf. This houseplant is easy to care for and grows quickly. The Tradescantia Zebrina is commonly known as the Wandering Jew plant, or Inch Plant. This vining plant originated in Mexico …

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Pothos N Joy Plant Profile & Care Guide

Pothos N Joy, ( Epipremnum aureum ‘ N-Joy) has particularly interesting foliage. With wrinkled leaves and striking variegation. This easy care vine will create a lively focal point in your home. Pothos N Joy is a variation of the stunning Marble Queen Pothos. ALL Pothos plants make wonderful houseplants. I highly recommend them. I am so …

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