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Asparagus Fern Care Guide

Asparagus fern plants lovely fernlike leaves appear delicate. However asparagus fern care is quite easy. This is an excellent house plant for beginners. It’s durable and grows in several pleasing forms. They will provide a living centerpiece on your table top, or drape elegantly from a shelf or planter. Asparagus ferns create a nice accent …

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Zebra Plant Care Guide and Plant Profile

The Zebra Plant (Haworthiopsis) is native to South Africa. All the 18 Zebra Varieties are very durable. Zebra plant care is easy. Perfect choice for a houseplant beginner. Latin name for this plant is Haworthiopsis. It was formerly in the Haworthia genus. In 2013 the new genus Haworthiopsis was created . The zebra plant became …

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Pothos N Joy Plant Profile & Care Guide

Pothos N Joy, ( Epipremnum aureum ‘ N-Joy) has particularly interesting foliage. With wrinkled leaves and striking variegation. This easy care vine will create a lively focal point in your home. Pothos N Joy is a variation of the stunning Marble Queen Pothos. ALL Pothos plants make wonderful houseplants. I highly recommend them. I am so …

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