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Best plants for beginner plant parents

We have compiled a list of our favorite plants for beginner plant parents. With the right care there are quite a few plants that make great options for beginners.

While it may be tempting to grab one of the many beautiful Calatheas, the gorgeous Orchids, or a Fiddle Leaf Fig from the plant shop…Experienced plant people will readily warn you away from these finicky plants.

However, There are lots of really great options at the plant nursery that make wonderful easy to care for beginner plants.

I have a list of beginner plants that I work from when I’m giving plants to my friends that are curious about the world of houseplants. I’m very careful about the plants that I give. I want new plant owners to be successful and learn to love plants as much as I do!

new plant parent
Bringing home a new houseplant

These easy to care for plants will set any new plant parent up for success!

We have a list of best low light indoor plants if you have a dark spot that needs some living green. Many of them are good beginner plants too!

Beginner plants parent tips:

  • Always check the leaves of your new plant for pests.
  • Look underneath the leaves for signs of pest damage and habitats.
  • Isolate new houseplants from others for a month.
  • Spritz the new plant with a neem oil blend to get rid of any lingering pests.
  • Make sure you are potting your new plant in a pot with a drainage hole.
  • Look up the type of potting medium your new plant needs before potting (perlite, orchid bark, moss etc).
  • Educate yourself on the lighting that will best suite the houseplant.
spritzing plant with neem oil

The biggest mistake new plant parents make is overwatering. Most houseplants will be happier being under-watered than overwatered. This is especially true of the string of hearts plant and other succulents.

If you overwater your houseplant it can cause root rot which is very difficult for the plant to survive and come back from. Yellowing leaves are generally the first sign of overwatering. If you tend to overwater put yourself on a watering schedule and buy a moisture meter like this one. Your plants will thank you!

Houseplants are not only an enjoyable hobby to get into, they can also improve the overall health of your home. Plants like the neon pothos, jade plant and of course the snake plant have great air filtering abilities and will often remove toxins from the air and replace it with pure oxygen. Nasa did a study on the air filtering qualities of plants, this is a comprehensive list of the best air filtering plants.

If you run into problems with you new plant, you can always reach out to us or follow us on our social media where we answer plant questions.

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Best housePlants For Beginner Plant Parents
Here is a list of our favorite and most reliable Best Plants For Beginner Plant Parents. Links to the care guides included. Looking for a planty gift for yourself or a friend? Here are some great choices!
The best beginner houseplants-pin image
We have compiled a list of our favorite plants for new plant parents. With the right care there are quite a few plants that make great options for those just learning plants.
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