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Moss Poles For Plants

Moss Poles are a specific type of plant pole. In addition to supporting your plant their designs also have other benefits for some climbing plants. Are they right for your plant? Let’s find out.

Actually, Moss pole is a rather loose term. Moss poles are poles of sphagnum moss or coconut coir with supporting structures of various kinds.

You may find some with other types of Moss and in different colors.

You need to look at each Moss pole type to determine if it’s right for your plant. The function of the pole is the thing to focus on. Does it do what you need it to do for your particular plant?

What is a Moss Pole For?

Vines naturally train vertically once started. They will grow onto a plant trellis of any type. Or a wood slab or bamboo stake if provided with attachment places.

Why bother with a moss pole at all? If all you need is a plant stake to support it a Moss pole may not be necessary.

Here are a few reasons your plant may benefit from one.

How to Pot a moss pole
  • Moss and Coir Poles provide a moist climbing structure.
  • They come ready to soak if you want them really wet. Several have water reservoirs to suck up water and create a constantly humid environment. Aroids and other tropical vines LOVE humidity.
  • You can keep the pole drier and opt to spray it with water occasionally as you wish for your plant.
  • Moss or Coir Plant totems Provide numerous attachment points for aroid roots which can feed and moisturize the plant if you keep the pole in the proper conditions.
  • This can help the plant leaves to increase in size. As the vine grows new roots up the pole it is fed more efficiently.
  • Over time the attaching roots grow into the pole substrate. This will stabilize the plant in the pot.

Coco Coir poles stack easily. They are very easy to use and provide all the advantages of Moss.

As the vine grows, simply stack another section on top of the pole. You can take it all the way to your ceiling if that is what you wish. But it might need better support if you go that high. 🙂

What plants should have a Moss Pole?

Epiphyte and aroid plants all love this type of nourishing, moist plant support. Monsteras, Philodendrons and other vines that love to climb trees in nature thrive on these nourishing poles.

Moss poles are rather large in diameter for tiny delicate plant vines. Use these poles for larger leafed vines that can hide the pole eventually and benefit from the additional weight and properties this type of pole offers.

Moss poles are a big plus for larger vines since the pole gives them more of what they want. As the vines grow they send out new roots seeking moisture and nourishment from their ‘host’.

These poles will give them that.

What can I use instead of a Moss Pole?

There are many plant poles for sale out there. Etsy has a LOT of different styles of plant poles. Coconut Coir Poles like the one pictured below provide a simple cost effective option.

Coir poles will give you the same benefits as a conventional moss pole. Either is a great choice for your climbing aroid plant.

moss pole training

If all you need is a way to grow your vine vertically without worrying about the humidity, moisture and feeding of the vine as it grows you have LOTS to choose from.

Plant poles can be simple bamboo stakes as we show in the video.

Or you can go full on house decor and find a beautifully finished Live edge slab of wood to showcase your vine. These are impressive and gorgeous.

Use them for that ‘must have something Amazing’ place in your home.

Etsy has numerous shops that make plant poles and trellises of various design, materials and sizes to suit your plant and your home decor.

Shop For Moss and Coir Plant Poles On Etsy.

Etsy shops create MANY different types of moss and coir poles with the properties we have discussed in this post. Here are just a few ideas for creative ways to grow your vines on Moss Poles.

Aroids and epiphytes grow well in LECA . Etsy has a few Moss poles designed for Leca Pots.

Watch Kayti Plant Her Mini Monstera on a Coir Pole

She Found her Coir Pole On Amazon. Amazon has a lot of choices for coir poles.

Kayti trained her Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma onto a bamboo stake as a baby.

Kayti decided to replace the bamboo stake with a Moss pole to provide her aroid with better stability, root attachment opportunities and humidity for her vine.

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