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7 Common Indoor Plant Pests (& How to Kill them)

The most common indoor plant pests do varying degrees of damage to our houseplants. sometimes they can do a LOT of damage to our houseplants.

Anyway, Who wants nasty bugs in the house? They are ugly, creepy and annoying to deal with. We complied our complete list of the most common indoor pests and how to control them.

Each pest guide in this post has methods of killing off the bugs most often found on your indoor plants. We include tips and organic methods and strategies designed to controll pests on houseplants.

We love our houseplants. It’s upsetting (at least to me) to find creepy crawlies on my houseplants. This may be even more concerning when you realize they are injuring your plant severely.

Or, like the fungus gnat, they sometimes present more of a nuisance to you than a life threatening problem for your plant.

Most plants can withstand a mild infestation of bugs and slog along tolerably well. The bugs are tiny and individually do little damage.

However, pests can reproduce at a fast clip if you don’t control them. That’s when your plants are in trouble. If you let the bug population get really out of hand your plant will be weakened and eventually be beyond saving.

It’s best to nip the problem in the early stages of infestation. Our plant pest control guides tell you how to get ahead of the pesky plant critters.

7 Common Indoor Plant Pests

This post is all about indoor plant pests and how to kill and manage them.

The good news is if you follow the instructions in each of our plant care guides your plant is getting good care and regular leaf washings. This will help you find pests early on and deter them.

7 Most Common Indoor Plant Pests:

Which pests do you have? What do you do about them?

Fungus gnats, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, thrips, scale and mealy bugs are the pests you will most often find on your plants.

This handy list guide links to each of these 7 common indoor plant pest control guides.

Each guide will Identify a common plant pest and the damage they cause to your houseplant.

Each post in our list below contains tips and method on how to kill and prevent these common pests on indoor plants, keep your home pest free and your plants healthy.

7 Common Indoor Plant Pests (& How to Kill them)

The 7 most common houseplants and their control guides are all below. Each guide teaches you what they look like and the damage they cause, We give you tips and methods for keeping your plants healthy and pest free. You will find a homemade neem oil recipe that will delight your plants, keep your home topxin free and kill those pesky pests.

common houseplant pests and how to eradicate them-pin image
The most common indoor plant pests do varying degrees of damage to our houseplants. sometimes they can do a LOT of damage to our houseplants.

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