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Non Toxic Plants for Cats, Dogs and Kids

Have Pets or children? Here’s a list of non toxic plants for cats, dogs and kids. We love our pets and plants. But they do not always go together.

Children are also curious and inventive in how they play and experience the world around them. Choose your plants carefully to avoid poisoning your pets and peeps.

Playful, curious cats are most often at risk from toxins in plant leaves and sap. They eat plant leaves, and bat at them for fun. Many Frustrated indoor plant owners see the destruction cats can do to a favorite plant.

Of course toxic plants add to the worry since the cat may show symptoms of poisoning. Some can be serious and need vet care.

Dogs and kids can also be attracted to plants, knock them around, and may eat them too.

Child and Pet safe indoor plants for cats and dogs will set your mind at ease. These Non toxic plants for cats, dogs and kids will keep your playful feline or doggy out of trouble.

Cats are notoriously curious. And they often eat plant leaves.

Toxic Plants For Humans and Pets:

Unfortunately many plants will harm your pets and should be avoided if you cannot keep them in a safe place, The Peace lily, All pothos plants, All the Philodendrons, and the Alocasias are among the mildly to moderately toxic plants for humans and pets.

The gorgeous monstera Peru is one of the few Houseplants I know of that is actually Lethal. For sure beware of it if you have small children or pets.

It can be disappointing to fall in love with a plant and realize your lovely plant is a toxic houseplant if you have vulnerable housemates.

The solution is to place toxic plants out of reach if you can. Or set the plant in a closed off room. Or…give it away?

Non Toxic Plants for Cats and Dogs
OOPS! pets and plants are not always a good combination.

Other Concerns:

Be careful of the substrate, pesticides and fertilizers you use. Even non toxic plants can live in soils full of pests and pathogens.

The Contented Plant

Plants absorb some of the chemicals we use on them. Some of these chemicals are not safe for eating. The plant can absorb certain externally applied or systemic plant fertilizers and treatments. These go into or onto the plant stem and leaves and can be accidentally ingested by pets and kids.

The bottom line is this. Don’t let your kids and pets eat plants or play in them. Placing non toxic plants in your home is emotionally and environmentally beneficial. And they are fantastic decor additions.

But the pets and kids can get into trouble even with non toxic plants.

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Non Toxic HousePlants For Cats and Dogs – Care guides and Plant Profiles:

We made care guides and plant profiles for the following houseplants non toxic to cats. They are also non toxic for dogs and humans.

If you get excited about these great indoor non toxic plants you can click through to read the care guides with confidence that they won’t harm your pet bestie or child.

Put these plant anywhere. On the floor, a shelf or windowsill. Set them on your coffee table. When your cat curls up next to them and takes a nibble you’ll only have to worry about the plant. Not the kitty.

Dogs, while usually less curious, will occasionally get into plants as well and can chew them. Rest assured children and dogs are safe with the plants listed here.

You’ll find a few non toxic beginner plants in our post on best plants for beginner plant parents if your new to the hobby. But you will have to read each post to see if they are non toxic.

You can also look at our sidebar tag Cloud and click on the non toxic cloud. It will populate an entire list of the non toxic plants we have blogged about.

The variegated string of hearts, and the Calathea Zebra plant are recent additions to our non toxic plants with care guides for you.

Non Toxic Plants for Cats, Dogs and Humans

Here is a list of Non Toxic Plants with their care guides and plant profiles. Learn more about the varieties of houseplants that will keep your fur babies safe from harm. There are SO many to choose from you are sure to find a good match for your home.


ALL Calathea plants are non toxic and pet friendly. Here is a list of some of our favorite Calatheas. They are a stunningly diverse group of plants. but these plants are for plant nurturers that will mind these plant babies. The price to pay for such lovely plants. Well worth it in my opinion.

More Non Toxic Plants to Consider:

We will be adding care guides for all these plants in the future. but if you are in the garden shop and run across these they won’t harm humans or pets.

  • Bromeliads
  • gloxinia
  • African violets
  • Venus flytrap
  • Boston fern
  • staghorn fern
  • friendship plant
  • date palm
  • parlor palm
  • majesty palm
  • Kimberly Queen fern
  • bamboo palm

ASPA has this complete List of Non Toxic Plant list for dogs, cats and horses

the best non toxic houseplants for pet owners-pin image
Child and Pet safe indoor plants for cats and dogs will set your mind at ease. These Non toxic plants for cats, dogs and kids will keep your playful feline or doggy out of trouble.

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