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Calathea Ornata Care guide and Plant Profile

Calathea ornatas grow uprightly as small bushes. At full height Ornata species grow to about two feet tall and wide. The Ornata pinstripes offer sophistication and a stylish focal point to your home or office place. The dark green leaves of the Pinstripe ornata have stripings that honestly look styled by an artisan painter. The …

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Maranta Leuconeura (Prayer Plant)-Care Guide

Maranta Leuconeura is also known as the prayer plant. These plants are Famous for folding leaves in the dark like praying hands. It’s a charming plant and not so horribly difficult to grow like some of its touchy relatives. If you give the maranta prayer plant what it needs it will grow happily. Folding and …

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Calathea Care Guide and Plant Profile

Calathea plants are so outrageously beautiful they are almost irresistible in a plant shop. However calathea care is tricky. They are sensitive to their environment and soil conditions. If you are new to Calatheas, Study this Calathea Care Guide carefully. Once you learn the correct growing conditions for these beauties you will love them. Calathea …

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