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Snake Plant Propagation

Snake plants are easy to propagate. However, propagating this tolerant hardy succulent can fail if you do the process incorrectly. Read our guide on propagating sansevierias to learn more about propagating these popular houseplants. How do you propagate a snake plant? This easy going succulent propagates well by leaf cuttings in soil, water propagation, and …

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Snake Plant Watering Guide

Growing snake plants successfully requires attention to watering habits. In fact, this is the single largest care factor you must learn to grow a healthy snake plant of any variety. Our snake plant watering guide covers everything you need to know about proper hydration of this wonderful indoor plant. Why is watering snake plants important? …

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Sansevieria Cylindrica Plant Care Guide and Profile

The Sansevieria Cylindrica plant is a plant with long cylindrical shaped leaves that have green and gray colors. This plant is a succulent that is often called the African Spear Plant or Cylindrical Snake Plant. The Cylindrica can be found in the tropical regions of South Africa. Like most snake plants and succulents, the Sansevieria …

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