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Hens and Chicks Plant

The Hens and Chicks Plant (Sempervivum tectorum) has MANY other names. This adorable evergreen flowering succulent has a long and rich history with humans. Humans have loved and grown various kinds of hens and chicks plants for thousands of years. Historically, it’s known as the common houseleek. Other colorful terms for it are St. George’s Beard, …

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Anthurium Plant Care Guide

Exotic and elegant Anthurium plants catch the eye. The flashy and colorful spathes with heart shaped leaves will steal your heart. Anthuriums make beautiful potted houseplants. They also work well as patio plants and lovely ornamentals in your tropical garden. Anthuriums are commonly known as painters palette, flamingo flower or Laceleaf. There are over 1000 …

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Elephant Ear Plant Care Guide

The Elephant Ear plant makes a large stunning statement plant indoors or outdoors. Elephant Ears plants are lush tropical bushes that are found in three different genus. The Elephant ears in Colocasia and Alocasia genus are native to Southern Asia, Malaysia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Elephant Ear from Xanthosoma genus are actually native to the tropical …

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