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Snake Plant Propagation

Snake plants are easy to propagate. However, propagating this tolerant hardy succulent can fail if you do the process incorrectly. Read our guide on propagating sansevierias to learn more about propagating these popular houseplants. How do you propagate a snake plant? This easy going succulent propagates well by leaf cuttings in soil, water propagation, and …

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The Best Hanging and Trailing Plants for your Home

Hanging and trailing houseplants make great aesthetic decor pieces for the home. These are a few of our favorite choices. If you have a good space near a bright window, or a corner that needs filling. A hanging plant is a great decor option. Plants have become incredibly trendy and popular over the last few …

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Plant Watering Globes Guide

Plant watering globes or aqua globes provide constant sips of water to your potted, hanging or container plants. This is especially welcome for plants that are very thirsty, hard to reach, or need constant moisture. Glass Plant watering globes are beautiful and reflective. They add ornamentation and decor while providing water for your indoor and …

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