The Dolphin plant has lots of visual interest. The stylish leaves actually do look like dolphin pods flying over the seas.

Is the String of Dolphins an indoor plant?

The String of Dolphins is a wonderful indoor plant. It can also be grown outdoors if temperatures remain above 50 degrees F

How can you propagate the String of Dolphins plant?

The Dolphin plant is propagated most easily by stem cuttings. These cuttings can be rooted into water, moist moss or soil.

1. Bury the stem in moist succulent soil up to the first leaf node. Do not bury the leaves. 2. Keep the soil moist until the plant starts to put out new growth. This can take a month or so. 3. Then, immediately cut back on the water so you don’t rot the roots and stem.

Soil Propagation

Water Propagation

1. Put the stem into a jar of water so the water just covers the stem up to the leaf. 2. Change out the water every few days and keep the jar clean.  3. After several weeks roots will grow. 4. When roots are an inch long plant them into a moist succulent soil mix. 5. The plant will enjoy moist soil until it is well established in its new pot. 

How do you prune a String of Dolphins?

This vine trails to about three feet long if left alone. Prune dolphin plants by snipping off the strings to whatever length works best for the placement you chose for them.

How often does a String of Dolphins need water?

Soak with water when the soil is dry; weekly in growing season and monthly when dormant.  Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings.

How much light does a String of Dolphins need?

String of Dolphins need 6 to 8 hours of bright, indirect light